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Being grounded in Christ should extend beyond your home. That’s why we’re here.

Your pre-K-12 child will spend up to 16,000 hours in the classroom, being trained for success–or not. Are they learning the same values you teach at home? We believe you can have a say in what and how your child learns.

Your Child’s Next Step in Education

Find your footing here

Gain life-long friendships for your whole family.

Raising your child today can be overwhelming.

We understand the challenges you face and want to partner with you in developing your child.

We know your concerns.

  • No in-person schooling
  • Fighting the tide of culture
  • Misalignment with values and curriculum
  • Lack of personalized attention at current school
  • Missing out on like-minded community
  • Your child’s negative influences and friends

We’re here to help.

“The teachers and staff at [CVC] care about every student. They are more than educators–they are mentors, and model every day how to bring faith into everyday lives. The academics also push our boys to excel in ways they’ve never been pushed before.”


CVC Parents

“We love the CVC community. From the staff to the families, we’ve been welcomed and supported by everyone. The staff goes above and beyond, and we’ve seen so much growth in our son both academically and spiritually.”


CVC Parents

“CVC is a…community of people who love Jesus, who are pouring into each child. CVC helped my mind and work ethic mature so I could excel and be prepared for receiving my higher education.”


2000 Graduate


Our Admissions Process

Follow these steps from A-Z


Create your admissions account, complete an online application and pay a $100 fee to submit it.

Run into a problem?

Contact Nicole Mulder at admissions@cvc.org.


Here’s where we cover the details:

  • Send digital recommendations to your pastor and your child’s teacher
  • Upload report cards and state testing results
  • Complete a custody form
  • Pay for and schedule an assessment
  • Attend a New Family Interview

Accepted families complete a new checklist to help all of us prepare for the school year.

Receive an acceptance letter!

Some Common Questions

Read these FAQ’s

Why does it cost so much?

No family pays the full cost of tuition. CVC offers quality education with a sliding tuition rate for those who qualify for assistance. Central Valley Christian Schools is a parent run organization with no government funding. Your child’s tuition covers operational costs like faculty salaries and facility costs. Your investment is used to better your child’s experience and more importantly, their education.

Our family is Christian but we don’t go to church…

There are three parts to a successful partnership with us: your family, your church and your school (us)! Without any one of these elements, you will not fit. This triad of relationships is vital to our success with your child, and our position on church attendance is non-negotiable. Families must demonstrate church attendance prior to their New Family interview. Nearly 80 churches are represented on our campus.

Is CVC a strict environment?

CVC may not be a perfect fit for everyone. We have specific standards for entry to ensure every child is supported to the best of our ability.

Why is the admissions process so rigorous?

Creating relationships is part of our community, and we want to get to know your family. From your written testimony to your child’s assessment to the new family interview – these are all tools to help us serve you well.

Our Campus Experience in Photos

In-person learning for those that matter most